2012-11-09 08.06.28

Co-working Spaces

We recently moved into our new co-working space in Allentown known as Hive4A.  Hive4A gets it’s name from the old days when Mack Trucks occupied the buildings, this building was known as “building 4A”.

Co-working spaces offer a place for self employed individuals to go and work on their own and “get out of the house”.  Personally, it’s easy for me to become distracted when working from home and I find myself being unproductive eating or watching TV.  Working at Hive 4A has made me get up, get dressed, and go to work.

The environment is comfortable and the company gives a sense of community.  There are many offerings here..copiers, meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and others to socialize with.

For more information contact Hive 4A.